Translation Policies


Every translation work we accept follows a multiple-stage process in order to ensure our clients receive a high quality service. The following is our approach to quality control:

Stage 1. We receive by email the source document from the client, together with any relevant documentation, guidelines or specific needs. We check the document and send a quote to the client.

Stage 2. As soon as the client accepts our quote, one of our native translators is allocated the work. The translation’s priority is provided to the translator, according to the client’s chosen delivery date.

Stage 3. The translator starts the translation work.

Stage 4. As soon as the translator finishes the work, the initial draft is sent to an editor for grammar and typos checks.

Stage 5. The editor makes some final changes to the draft, cleans up the document and proofs it one last time.

Stage 6. The final version is finally sent to the client.

It is our company’s policy not to send a translation to a client until it has been completed by our translator, and fully checked and proofread by an editor. Experience and practice have taught us that the above is the minimum required to ensure that our clients always receive a quality translation of their documents.

Note: All translation fees must be paid in GBP.
We accept bank transfers and PayPal payments only.